Excessively Diverting Fridays: “Queue Rage” Edition

For your amusement this Friday morning, I present this clever comic [a man who uses a puppet called “Randy” to great effect] on queue rage. We’ve all been there. Don’t deny it.  Continue reading


Excessively Diverting Fridays: Scrooge Edition

EDF is early this week, because tomorrow is the First Friday link up!

With Christmas approaching, I thought I’d give you a heads up on an AWESOME movie that you should watch this year for the festive season. It’s called Scrooge, and yes, is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Starring: Albert Finney, Alec Guinness, and Kenneth More.

Scrooge is the crotchetiest, most miserly, unpleasant and unhappy old man ever. He is visited by the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley, who warns him of the fate in hell that awaits him if he does not amend his ways: (hello Alec Guinness)

Alec Guinness as Jacob Marley

Scrooge is informed that he’ll be visited by three ghosts who will try to convince him to change. He visits his past, present and future, and gradually, as he sees his life and that of others in perspective, is motivated to live differently.

It’s not only a beautiful story, but is a superb musical, with an excellent cast, the star of which is Albert Finney, who plays Scrooge at every stage of his life (beyond childhood).

Here is the unpleasant Scrooge from the beginning (who is so horrible that it’s comic):

So now you have a few weeks to get yourself a copy!!


Excessively Diverting Fridays: Where do words come from? Carl Barron Edition

Carl Barron is an Aussie comedian who I’m not a fan of in general, but boy, I do LOVE this one:

(I’ve been trying to make it start at the 3 minute mark, but it’s just not working. You can watch the first bit if you want, but it’s not part of my recommendation.)


Excessively Diverting Fridays: Monty Python Edition

Heeellllooooooo!! (in the voice)

Uni is over for the year at last, so I am back in business! It’s a bit belated, but I don’t want to miss an EDF, so here’s something you might not have heard about (or maybe you have):


There are rumoured possibilities of a show in the Sydney Opera House though… imagine seeing the dead parrot sketch LIVE!!

If you’ve been living under a rock, Monty Python are basically a comedic group who did most of their work in the 70s. Their style takes a bit of getting used to, they’re generally rather crazy, and some sketches aren’t particularly impressive, but others are just pure gold.

Some of my favourites:






What are your favourite Monty Python sketches?



Excessively Diverting Fridays: Amistad Edition

Yikes! It’s Friday and I nearly forgot that it’s EDF time! I’ve been kinda busy writing a Theology of Books. Yeah, it IS as awesome as it sounds. Get excited.

Movie recommendation for today: Amistadif only for the stellar cast (Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, other awesomes, and it’s directed by the illustrious Steven Spielberg).

Amistad depicts the true story of some Africans who were captured from Sierra Leone and sold into slavery. They underwent horrific treatment by their Spanish owners on the ship La Amistad, which means “Friendship”, and consequently committed mutiny. They were found and taken into custody, and the two Spanish ship owners that they hadn’t killed in the mutiny claim ownership of them. Some prominent abolitionists take up their case, which after much back and forthing ends up in the US Supreme Court.

It’s a moving film that explores the way in which fellow men have been so callously treated as not such, the black mark in history that is slavery, and every person’s longing for the fundamentals: their home, their family, and their freedom to live.

The acting is just superb, and the script is equally so. With all the garbage that comes out in the cinemas so frequently these days, a strong, inspiring, authentic script is so refreshing.

Watch the trailer!!


Excessively Diverting Fridays: Michael McIntyre Edition

In two weeks I’m going to see my first ever stand-up comedian performance. SO KEEN!! Who’s the lucky star? Meet Michael McIntyre.

Michael McIntyre: This Guy.

Michael Hazen James McIntyre (what a name! So British!) is a British (how surprising) comedian. Father of two, he tends to poke fun at the stuff everyday life is made of. Apparently, he attended Edinburgh University for one year, but so engaged was he in his studies that he can’t remember whether he studied Chemisty or Biology…

This is one of my favourites. Hopefully it resonates with the behaviour of your father/ husband/ self/ etc.

Now go on a youtube spree!!


Excessively Diverting Fridays: Amadeus Edition

It’s that time of week again, and this time it’s a movie!! And if I had to pick a favourite, as difficult as that is, it would probably be this one. If I were basing it purely on number of times viewed, this would win… it must be up to at least 25 by now.

The film Amadeus is based on a play about the life of Wofgang Amadeus Mozart, which delves into the conspiracy theory that his contemporary composer, Antonio Salieri, orchestrated (pun intended, ha!) his death. There is a degree of creative licence taken with the facts, but it matters not.

This movie is awesome because:

  • the acting is superb
  • the music (nearly all Mozart’s) is stunning
  • the music is ingeniously utilised to convey Mozart’s genius
  • it ranges between intense and lighthearted moments

Everything you want in an excellent movie, no?

Notice how much Salieri struggles to compose this short piece (a welcome march in Mozart’s honour, when he comes to meet the Emperor), and what Mozart does with it:

And then this on top of it:

The Emperor’s catch-phrase