Excessively Diverting Fridays: Where do words come from? Carl Barron Edition

Carl Barron is an Aussie comedian who I’m not a fan of in general, but boy, I do LOVE this one:

(I’ve been trying to make it start at the 3 minute mark, but it’s just not working. You can watch the first bit if you want, but it’s not part of my recommendation.)



Excessively Diverting Fridays: Michael McIntyre Edition

In two weeks I’m going to see my first ever stand-up comedian performance. SO KEEN!! Who’s the lucky star? Meet Michael McIntyre.

Michael McIntyre: This Guy.

Michael Hazen James McIntyre (what a name! So British!) is a British (how surprising) comedian. Father of two, he tends to poke fun at the stuff everyday life is made of. Apparently, he attended Edinburgh University for one year, but so engaged was he in his studies that he can’t remember whether he studied Chemisty or Biology…

This is one of my favourites. Hopefully it resonates with the behaviour of your father/ husband/ self/ etc.

Now go on a youtube spree!!