Excessively Diverting Fridays: Michael McIntyre Edition

In two weeks I’m going to see my first ever stand-up comedian performance. SO KEEN!! Who’s the lucky star? Meet Michael McIntyre.

Michael McIntyre: This Guy.

Michael Hazen James McIntyre (what a name! So British!) is a British (how surprising) comedian. Father of two, he tends to poke fun at the stuff everyday life is made of. Apparently, he attended Edinburgh University for one year, but so engaged was he in his studies that he can’t remember whether he studied Chemisty or Biology…

This is one of my favourites. Hopefully it resonates with the behaviour of your father/ husband/ self/ etc.

Now go on a youtube spree!!



Excessively Diverting Fridays: Jim Gaffigan Edition

I’ve decided that on Fridays I’m going to introduce you to comedians, movies, tv shows, youtube videos, etc, that I think will improve your life/ bring a smile to your face/ remedy whatever deprived childhood you might have had. At the moment I’m going with calling it Friday Fun… but I’m not heaps fond of it so if you can think of something better that’d be great. It doesn’t have to be alliteration, appealing though that is. Anyway, your Fridays are about to improve drastically!!

EDIT: Actually, I’ve got it! Excessively Diverting Fridays. If you don’t know where that’s from: cue Mr Bennet from the 1998 BBC Pride and Prejudice: “Are you not excessively diverted?” Basically, read: “very much amused?” I just love how they speak!

First up: Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan.

This guy is Catholic, has five kids, and LOVES food. He has written a book  called “Dad is Fat”, which I haven’t read yet but am keen to.

You should follow him on Instagram, his captions are pretty entertaining.

Jim in action:

On having four (at the time) kids: “Imagine you’re drowning… and then someone hands you a baby.”

An example of his food love affair which I’m sure we can all relate to: cake.