So. Why aren’t YOU Catholic?

Serious question.

The following is borrowed shamelessly from Brandon Vogt:

More specifically, I’d love for you to fill in this blank: “I’m not Catholic because __________.” 
It’s easy for Catholics like me to assume we know the reasons why others reject Catholicism
But I don’t want to assume; I want to listen. I want to hear your own thoughts. What’s the one thing that really bugs you about Catholicism? What teachings do you see as utterly irrational or morally bankrupt? What are the biggest barriers to you believing in God or in the Catholic Church? 
This isn’t a debate. I won’t attempt to refute you. I just want to listen.


5 thoughts on “So. Why aren’t YOU Catholic?

  1. Lyn says:

    I shared this question on my fb page…I’ll be watching this thread with you.

  2. politicalconnection says:

    I’m not Catholic, because I follow the Creator Jesus Christ and His Word. Idolatrous Marianism (Baal’s mother of heaven worship), idol worship (aka icon veneration), praying to spirits of saints instead of GOD (which mimics prayer to ancestors as in Baal worship), salvation by baptism which is refuted by Paul the apostle (but endorsed by Baal worship), transubstantiation (aka Baal’s vampire and cannibal traditions), syncretism (combining the profane Baal witch sabbaths of the Wheel of the sun with the name of GOD for which GOD killed people in the Bible), men are considered head of the church (instead of Jesus Christ), nuns, monks, and priests (Baal tradition), nun’s shaving of head (following Baal priestesses), and the ongoing theme of Baal’s pagan traditions, practices, and beliefs being the core of Catholicism (but all renamed and re-purposed for GOD’s use which is sacrilege and blasphemy). These are a few reasons, but that was just off the top of my head. I don’t believe the Reformation or Protestant “protest” was even needed. Why protest or reform a religion that isn’t even Christian, right? Just turn to Christ and His Word instead. Then again, feel free to turn to your Catholic apologists for help. I’ve read their clever writings, but they can’t change history. Catholicism at the very core is syncretism and ecumenicism. After all, they combined the world’s two oldest religions, the worship of Baal/Bel (Satan) and the worship of El (Yahweh) into one religion which is blasphemy. I”ve studied the supposed lineage of the popes from Peter to Constantine’s era, which is actually a piggyback off the title “Bishop of Rome” in which they say the bishop of Rome was the pope. No evidence exists for this, and the bishop of Rome is also difficult to trace historically with little documentation for many of the bishops and even forged and fraudulent documents for others (I wonder whose interest was served in those forgeries, eh?). Thus, history clearly shows Constantine, whose image is seen in Vatican City, as the head of the Roman empire and its ecumenical “church” of Satanic Baal priests, monks,nuns, statues, gods, and worshipers dubbed with Biblical names and meaning to create Catholicism. You will also notice the image of Jupiter is identical to the image of Peter in Vatican City. Constantine died both a Catholic and a sun worshiper. In many cultures around the world, Catholicism shows its ecumenicism in this way by combining with Satanic religions even today as can be seen in Candomble and Santeira and many, many others which combine religions with Catholicism. Can Satan’s beliefs and GOD’s beliefs be combined into one religion? Before you answer that question, study the wheel of the sun, the solar crosses, the religion of Babylon, the implements, holidays, practices, and beliefs of Baal worship and its modern variation ‘paganism’. A great place to start is a study of paganism at Then read the Bible for yourself and compare. By the way, there’s a reason most priests have forbidden certain books in the past and the reading of the Bible on one’s own. While physical evil should be avoided (i.e. porn, graphic literature, etc), one should never avoid reading after other people’s ideas or what you may view as philosophical evil. That’s called “listening” in a literary sense. Thanks for the opportunity to share and I trust you will find these comments and the above resource to be both helpful and life-changing!

    • Monica says:

      Thanks for your thoughts politicalconnection!! I will not respond to all your claims here, as I don’t want this to turn into a debate post, it’s just a listening post. However, with your permission, I may write separate posts on some of the above in the future?

      God bless,

      • politicalconnection says:

        Thanks so much for listening, Monica! I very much appreciate it. 🙂 On Judgment Day, it won’t really matter what my thoughts were or your thoughts or any mortal’s thoughts were … but only the Judge’s thoughts as found in His Holy Word. Thanks again for your time!

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