Excessively Diverting Fridays: Amistad Edition

Yikes! It’s Friday and I nearly forgot that it’s EDF time! I’ve been kinda busy writing a Theology of Books. Yeah, it IS as awesome as it sounds. Get excited.

Movie recommendation for today: Amistadif only for the stellar cast (Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, other awesomes, and it’s directed by the illustrious Steven Spielberg).

Amistad depicts the true story of some Africans who were captured from Sierra Leone and sold into slavery. They underwent horrific treatment by their Spanish owners on the ship La Amistad, which means “Friendship”, and consequently committed mutiny. They were found and taken into custody, and the two Spanish ship owners that they hadn’t killed in the mutiny claim ownership of them. Some prominent abolitionists take up their case, which after much back and forthing ends up in the US Supreme Court.

It’s a moving film that explores the way in which fellow men have been so callously treated as not such, the black mark in history that is slavery, and every person’s longing for the fundamentals: their home, their family, and their freedom to live.

The acting is just superb, and the script is equally so. With all the garbage that comes out in the cinemas so frequently these days, a strong, inspiring, authentic script is so refreshing.

Watch the trailer!!



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