Excessively Diverting Fridays: Amadeus Edition

It’s that time of week again, and this time it’s a movie!! And if I had to pick a favourite, as difficult as that is, it would probably be this one. If I were basing it purely on number of times viewed, this would win… it must be up to at least 25 by now.

The film Amadeus is based on a play about the life of Wofgang Amadeus Mozart, which delves into the conspiracy theory that his contemporary composer, Antonio Salieri, orchestrated (pun intended, ha!) his death. There is a degree of creative licence taken with the facts, but it matters not.

This movie is awesome because:

  • the acting is superb
  • the music (nearly all Mozart’s) is stunning
  • the music is ingeniously utilised to convey Mozart’s genius
  • it ranges between intense and lighthearted moments

Everything you want in an excellent movie, no?

Notice how much Salieri struggles to compose this short piece (a welcome march in Mozart’s honour, when he comes to meet the Emperor), and what Mozart does with it:

And then this on top of it:

The Emperor’s catch-phrase



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