sorrowful mysteries and Sin.

Excellence right here:
“In meditating upon the sorrowful mysteries I realized that Christ already gave us the perfect solution to sin: imitate Him. I know it sounds obvious, but the sorrowful mysteries shed new light on what it means to imitate Christ when we are faced with sin.”

worthy of Agape

It was a Friday evening as I sat in line for confession. I thought to myself, “This certainly isn’t how the average twenty-something gal spends a Friday night.” I sat in a quiet church with the Blessed Sacrament exposed, waiting for my turn to get my soul scrubbed clean. As I waited, I pulled out my rosary and began to pray the sorrowful mysteries. While I prayed and prepared myself to come face to face with my sins before God’s mercy, I couldn’t help but connect Christ’s suffering and passion to the choices I make when I sin.

sorrowful mysteries and sinMore often than not I know something is a sin before I do it. There are even times when I reason with myself and try to “logically” convince myself that what I’m about to do isn’t in fact a sin, despite the fact that I’ve confessed it before without a priest stopping…

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