Excessively Diverting Fridays: Marx Brothers Edition

Friday has rolled round again so today I’m introducing you to the Marx Brothers. They’re a comedic quartet who really are brothers. [WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SWITCH OFF JUST BECAUSE THE PICTURE BELOW IS BLACK AND WHITE! Yes, they’re kinda old, but quality, my friends, over recentness.]

Chico, Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo

The three on the left are the real funny guys, while Zeppo is what’s called “the straight man“.

Yes, this photo is black and white. Yes, so are all their films. No, that doesn’t make them terrible.

In fact, they’re awesome. With their (especially Groucho’s) quick wit, wordplay so swift you have to really be paying attention to catch all the jokes and classic slapstick of the most outrageous variety, it’s a winning combination.

Their “movies” are quite haphazard, generally with a rather loose storyline, because they originally performed mostly on the stage, and then after the fact they pieced together a lot of their skits. This makes for comedy of the rather madcap variety, including some showcasing of their musical talents as well: Groucho can (sort of) sing (the audio quality isn’t always the best), Chico is a whiz on the piano, and Harpo plays, yes, the harp. Harpo is also known for never uttering a word on-screen, using sign-language, whistling and honking horns to communicate. (His autobiography is therefore aptly named “Harpo Speaks”. And just to clarify, he can speak in real life. Or could. As he’s no longer alive, God rest his/ their soul(s).)

Anyway, a taster of what they’re like:



One thought on “Excessively Diverting Fridays: Marx Brothers Edition

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