Craving Christ

There are no words for how amazing and true this is.

Catholic Cravings

Have you ever been hungry? No, not peckish, not dinner time hungry, I mean really hungry. That kind of gnawing, groaning, roaring hunger that causes you to feel pain? Well, seeing that this blog is called Catholic Cravings and all, let me tell you about that hunger.

I was driving home tonight, I was angsty, I was confused, I was thoroughly dissatisfied. I had gone out some hours earlier, thinking that spending a little time at Church would help ease my neediness. What I needed was a hug from a mate (that’s what we call a ‘friend’ in Australia,) and I got the hug, but it didn’t cut it. I was empty still.

My hunger was earthly, I needed human contact because I was feeling lonely- but my hunger was also heavenly. Now, this ‘heavenly longing’ stuff might sound cheesy to you, but hear me out, because I’m talking about getting what…

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